Our values

AJA, the multi-service hub for social and sustainable tourism in Alsace! 

Since the AJA was founded in 1989, its goal has always been the same: to propose holidays for all, in a spirit of solidarity, sustainable development and social diversity. Its range of services has gradually been extended as has its target audiences and the AJA has become the leading association-based tourist agency in France, running a network of more than 20 centres in Alsace. All working to the same quality charter, each of these organisations identifies with the slogan adopted by the AJA in 2005: La vie est là (It’s all about living)!

In all of the AJA's activities, in its services, its network, its ongoing development, and in all of the plans and projects it generates, we find some of life's most precious aspects expressed, including its dynamic interactions and perpetual movement. The AJA seeks to constantly adapt to this movement without resorting to "one size fits all" solutions when considering the specific needs of young people, families, disabled people, sports clubs, classes, etc. It is this strong attachment to the vibrancy of life itself that we seek to preserve and enhance in a world in which this is unfortunately sorely lacking.


Our strengths

  • A multidisciplinary network
  • Varied experiences from skills internally and externally
  • An accompaniment of each members in its projects
  • Creativity and innovation
  • The valuation of a territory and promotion
  • A humanist vision : putting people at the heart of projects
  • A quality approach and sustainable development


Our values

  • Holidays for all
  • Diversity and social ties
  • Revitalization of a territory
  • Back to simplicity of life
  • Worries about the future of future generations
  • Mutual aid and solidarity
  • Equality and Equity
  • The exchange and dialogue
  • Proximity and strength of proposals
  • Treatment tailored people
  • Bridging the skills and developer
  • The quality and durability of our services