Suggested stays Discovering Alsace - Culture and heritage

Discovering Alsace - Culture and heritage

A la découverte de l'Energie

Energy is a major part of our society, in fact because of the constant rising costs in extraction of fossil fuels as well as a forever rising demand, we are obliged to consider alternative solutions which are cleaner and more sustainable. It is in this mind set that we offer you the opportunity to go and find greener sources of energy such as the wind, the sun, geothermal energy and manure as well as finding ways to use them.

Itinerary : Visit and tour of a wind farm, visit and tour of a 250m2 photovoltaic plant, visit and tour of a plant carrying out pilot scientific experiments with geothermic activity from fractures rock fragements, evening of "Tartes Flambees", visit and tour of a Methane production plant.

Langue :English - German - French
Période :Spring - Summer - Fall - Winter
Type de séjour :Stays children / teenagers - School trip
Thème :Discovering Alsace - Culture and heritage
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