Our quality system

The Quality in center of our concerns

For you, we are committed to:

  • Respecting the convictions and opinions of each person regardless of their age, origin, culture, religion or language in a spirit of tolerance, solidarity and openness to others.
  • Reserving a warm welcome for each person when he or she arrives, based on actively listening to their needs. Precisely identifying their requirements and accurately taking account of their goals.
  • Proposing tailored packages regarding activities or reception, accommodation and restaurant services.
  • Ensuring that as many people as possible have access to high-quality services provided by certified professionals in compliance with comfort, accessibility, hygiene and safety standards. 
  • Regarding restaurant facilities, ensuring a variety of dishes, balanced menus and high-quality products with service adapted to all kinds of needs. 
  • Building organised activity programmes meeting the needs of each group, ensuring satisfactory completion of each stage working with the party requesting these services and assessing the results with the beneficiaries. 
  • Guaranteeing a clear and transparent range of services throughout the project, drawing up prices adapted to the services defined at the outset, with these prices being honoured from the initial reception stage through to invoicing. 
  • Encouraging and developing association-type values based on collective living, social diversity, education in the environment and good citizenship, social promotion and humanism. 
  • Working in accordance with the requirements of our quality system, which provides for the continuous and systematic assessment of each centre in the TERRE D'EST network. 
  • Getting involved as often as possible to assist and/or in partnership with other organisations (associations, public authorities, etc.) in projects compatible with the values and activities of association-based social tourism.