Our range of training services

Improving skills in social and sustainable tourism jobs

Located in Strasbourg, the TERRE D'EST tourism cooperative is a key player in the provision of access to improved skills in the social and sustainable tourism sector.

The TERRE D'EST training body has a twofold role in this field. Firstly, it draws up the annual training plan for all employees of the cooperators, the purpose of which is to improve and develop their skills to provide optimal service quality for our guests.

Secondly, the TERRE D'EST has acquired a number of skills enabling you to provide sandwich training combining practical work and theoretical skills. 


Our values

  • RESPECT for commitments and individuals 
  • TRANSPARENCY concerning its range of training services
  • ACCESSIBILITY for all to its training, without discrimination
  • TRUST & CONFIDENCE in all of our dealings
  • COOPERATION and SOLIDARITY as part of a group

 An educational method focused on the individual:

  • Taking account of acquired skills or experience and the individual's personal pace of learning, his environment and constraints to put together an effective training solution.
  • Ensuring that the training and career plans are clear and understandable by the participants.
  • Defining methodological and progressive attitudes and thinking methods focusing on the various forms and aspects of a subject. 
  • Using active learning techniques differentiated for each of the activities by focusing each activity on the practices of the participants concerned, by individualising the programme, by using dynamic and innovative methods and by fully involving participants.
  • Drawing up an assessment and inspection process checking that knowledge and interpersonal skills have been properly learned.
  • Informing the client of the results of the assessments and using these to improve the training.

Specialised fields :

  • Project management
  • The management of tourism facilities & infrastructure 
  • Management
  • Supporting change
  • Welcoming client groups with specific needs (the disabled, hikers, persons suffering social difficulties) 
  • Handicap ‘Accueil 
  • Agenda 21
  • Sustainable development
  • Marketing – Communication & Marketing
  • A high quality welcome
  • Quality systems to improve tourism-related services