Our advice services

We are a valuable source of ideas because only ideas get results.

When we say that we seek to "make a difference" what this means in practice is that for each of us creativity is applied to meet an objective as part of a very pragmatic approach to our work.

Our multidisciplinary and transversal vision can be briefly summed up as follows:

  • forging links 
  • giving added meaning to our advice and ensuring that the desired impact is achieved.

"Let's work together to produce precisely what your organisation really needs"

Regardless of the project, the advice and strategy stages are key steps enabling our team to analyse and understand your organisation and its challenges. Our skills extend far beyond the TERRE D'EST team and include all of the tour operators proving their skills in a joint network: The Cooperative. Together drawing upon each individual’s skills, we can advise you to help you meet your goals.

There are also solutions to help finance this advice. Feel free to contact us to find a solution together.