Tourism Cooperative

TERRE D'EST, Give the meaning to your rtravels!

Ever since we were founded in 1989, our goal has always been the same: to propose holidays for all, in a spirit of solidarity, sustainable development and social diversity.

The TERRE D'EST can help you discover Alsace as you have never seen it before! In this region you will find a land brimming with history but also one firmly focused on the present and the future. Alsace is the ideal destination to fully reveal your inner European citizen, nature lover, sportsman or adventurer.

The TERRE D'EST has become the first Tourism Cooperative in France, organising a network of more than 20 centres in Alsace (accommodation centres, outdoor centres and holiday centres, youth hostels, holiday villages) but also tourism associations (Fort de Mutzig, Il était une fois la Ville and Vélocation). Quality is a priority for us and consequently all have agreed a set of common values and signed a Quality Charter to this effect.

In all of our activities, our services, our network, our ongoing development, in all of the plans and projects we generate, we find some of life's most precious aspects expressed, including its dynamic interactions and perpetual movement. The TERRE D'EST constantly seeks to adapt to the specific needs of young people, families, disabled people, sports clubs, classes, associations, groups of friends and works councils without simply offering for "one-size fits all" solutions. It is this strong attachment to the vibrancy of life itself that we seek to preserve and enhance in a world in which this is unfortunately sorely lacking.

We have extensive knowledge of the Alsace region and can offer our clients a stay genuinely tailored to their needs and wishes while at the same time providing high quality services. All of our stays are produced on an "à la carte" basis.

The TERRE D'EST seeks to encourage the values of the associations while participating in raising the profile and influence of the area’s natural, social and cultural heritage in partnership with the Alsace Region.