Suggested stays Nature and well-being

Nature and well-being

De l'eau, de la nature et des hommes dans la vallée de la Torrent

Crossed by the Thur,the Saint Amarin Valley includes a welth of natural and historical riches not to mention it's amazing landscape. Shaped by massive glaciers, it runs upstream towards the West via side valley in which we find the Seed'Urbès, a lankeland peat bog and an outstanding example of locals heritage. In this magical environment, children can learn to 'read' the landscape and to describe the activities of the people who live and work here. This is a great chance for children to leran about ecology and the environment firsthand. They will also have a wonderfuol opportunity to learn about water as part of the environment and as an energy source.

Langue :French
Période :Spring - Summer - Fall - Winter
Type de séjour :School trip - Handicap stays
Thème :Nature and well-being
The benefits of Terre d'Est
  • A knowledge of the fauna and flora Alsatian
  • Entertainment and activities according to your needs and values
  • A custom stay in the exact size of the expectations and dreams
  • Mix between tourism and wellness
  • A local restaurant and generous